Mobile Banking FAQ

What is Mobile Deposit Capture?

Mobile Deposit Capture is a convenient way to deposit checks into your checking or savings deposit account quickly and easily from a mobile device including smartphones (iPhone and Android) and tablets.

How do I make a deposit remotely?

  • Sign into our online banking site with our Cornerstone Bank mobile app.  (You can download it on Google Play or iTunes App store).
  • Ensure that you are using the Mobile Site view and not the Full Site view.
  • Select Deposit a Check.
  • Choose the account that you want to deposit into each time you make a deposit.
  • Be sure to endorse your check “For Mobile Deposit Only”.

Can I select a default account?

The system requires that you select the account you want to deposit into each time.

How long should I keep a copy of the check?

We recommend 14 days.

What type of checks cannot be deposited?

See the Online Banking Agreement for the full list. Types of checks that cannot be deposited include:

  • Any third party check (any item that is made payable to another party and then endorsed to you by such party).
  • Any check previously converted to a “substitute check”, as defined in Regulation CC.
  • Any item issued to you through a financial institution in a foreign country.
  • Checks or items not payable in United States currency.
  • Any item that has been re-deposited or returned such as “Non-Sufficient Funds” or “Refer to Maker” or returned for any other reason.
  • Savings Bonds.

What is the Tran ID?

A Tran ID is a confirmation that your deposit was accepted and will be subject to further review. See #9 for an explanation of a qualified deposit.

My check is endorsed. Why do I keep getting the error message “Endorsement Missing”?

Ensure your endorsement is done in blue or black ink and clearly visible.

When should I see my deposit?

  • Qualified deposits made on a business day before 4pm EST will be visible by 9pm EST that night or shortly thereafter.
  • Qualified deposits made after 4pm EST on a business day or weekend/holiday will be visible the following business day by 9pm EST or shortly thereafter.
  • For example, a qualified mobile deposit made on Friday at 5pm EST will post to your account after 9pm EST on the following Monday. If Monday is a bank holiday then it would be Tuesday after 9pm EST.

What is a qualified deposit?

A deposit that has been reviewed and accepted by the bank

  • Examples of non-qualified deposits are checks listed above in item #5, checks not properly endorsed, post or stale dated checks.
  • We will contact you if a deposit is unqualified

Will there be a hold placed on my account?

  • The bank may place a Case-by-Case or exception hold. If the funds are held, we will provide a notice.
  • New Accounts will have holds placed in accordance with our Funds Availability Policy.

What are my deposit limits?


  • $2,500 a day total of all checks deposited.
  • $6,500 a month of all checks deposited.


  • $10,000 a day total of all checks deposited.
  • $20,000 a month of all checks deposited.

Can I increase my limit?

  • We may from time to time reconsider the limit; however, at this time we feel it is sufficient for most consumers. Contact 1-800-939-9103 for assistance.
  • Business customers may contact our Commercial Services team at

Where can I find an image of checks deposited via Mobile?

You can see a history of your mobile deposited items by going to Banking Service Center >
Mobility > Mobile Check Deposit History.

Why can’t I deposit a check that was originally rejected by the system?

If you attempted a check deposit and it was rejected, there is a security setting to prevent duplicate submissions. You can make the deposit at any branch or by mail.

Why am I getting the message “Duplicate Check” when I have not deposited this check before?

If the check(s) previously deposited through your mobile services, share the same Account # and Check #, it cannot be processed as a mobile deposit a second time

I have updated my Cornerstone Bank Mobile app but I still can’t make a deposit.

Completely shut down and restart your mobile device and reattempt.

I have attempted taking several pictures but they keep rejecting.

  • Check image cannot be captured with a white background or paper.
  • The image background must be a different color than the check.
  • Turn off flash.
  • Older phones may no longer be compatible.

How do I determine if I have mobile view or full site view?

  • If the screen does not appear to fit the screen on your device and the print is small, then you are most likely in full site view.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you should have the option to “View Mobile Site”, select mobile view.
  • If you switch to mobile view in our mobile app, you must first log out before switching back to full site view.
  • You may also access our full site by opening your smartphone browser and entering